November 27, 2023 | Service Usage Management & Custom Roles

Oracle’s new interpretation of “Best Practice” for SOD and Job Roles has taken us all by storm. No longer can we implement standard, seeded job roles for our customers. This, however, provides partners with an opportunity to provide a more robust, comprehensive, and valuable solution as we implement a new competence and continue to establish ourselves as market disrupters. Security and licensing are often neglected throughout the rollout of a new Cloud application and many customers are now tasked with retroactive cleanup and recovery to remain in compliance to their service contract. Join us to familiarize yourself with the evolving methodologies aimed at facilitating customer compliance with Oracle's service policies, while concurrently establishing a reliable foundation for their future cloud expansion, with a focus on proactive measures.

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November 27, 2023, 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)


Jeff Hare, CEO, ERP Risk Advisors Cloud & ERP SIG VP
Zachary Barger, Principal Consultant and Director of Operations, PROMATIS


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