Process Excellence

Business processes play a key role in defining business excellence in companies; they lay the foundation for agility and adaptability in all areas.

Business Excellence in the VUCA world

Particularly against the backdrop of the VUCA world (Volatility Uncertainty Complexity Ambiguity), it is vital for companies to permanently realign themselves to meet changing market conditions. This also means that the further development of business processes must become more comprehensive. It is about understanding them from implementation and execution to ongoing performance monitoring. How does this work? Holistic business process management is moving to the center of excellence programs and extends across complete value chains.

Business Process Management

The holistic concept describes the (re)design, documentation and control of internal company processes with the aim of optimization, both operationally and strategically. BPM covers various phases from planning to controlling. Business process management involves much more than just stringing together individual actions; it aims to achieve a harmonious combination of innovative methods, intelligent software tools and expert know-how. It is essential that processes are considered to be the central element as early as the planning phase.

Model-driven management of digitalized business processes

Planning processes or entire business models always goes hand in hand with modeling. Accordingly, PROMATIS begins every BPM project with suitable models. For visualization, documentation, analysis and simulation, we rely on smart software tools such as the Horus Business Modeler. This tool creates valuable starting points for collaborative process optimization as well as the implementation of a DTO (Digital Twin of an Organization).

TIP: The quick and easy insight into Oracle Cloud Applications is also possible with the Horus BP4Apps thanks to field-tested models.

Process Mining – Link between BPM and Business Intelligence

Process mining enables the objective evaluation of process excellence

The performance of the business process does not meet the specified targets? The process shows a behavior that clearly deviates from the specifications and expectations? The previously high-performing process can no longer cope with additional business transactions? The variance in throughput times is making those responsible for the process break out in a sweat and leading to unpleasant customer experiences? Then it is high time to look into process mining.

Step 1: Digital search for traces - Determination of the actual process

For this purpose, the digital traces left by the business processes in the IT systems used are extracted and the real existing process flows visualized.

Step 2: Multidimensional analyses

On this basis, multidimensional, data-driven analyses reliably uncover weaknesses, provide valuable insights for process improvements and ensure all-round transparency. This enables optimization from the actual process to the desired target process.

  • In-depth analyses
  • Permanent monitoring
  • More agility and dynamics

PROMATIS offers process mining technology with the appropriate strategy consulting from a single source

Customers can flexibly choose from our comprehensive service portfolio depending on their needs:

  • Software Implementation
  • Comprehensive process analysis
  • Project management for optimization projects

Automation for digitized business processes

Process excellence is, of course, also significantly influenced by operations, the concrete implementation of processes. Particularly for companies that are taking on the modernization and digitalization of their processes, the partial or complete automation of processes can make sense in order to fully exploit the optimization potential. In addition to improved process performance, this brings numerous other advantages: the higher the degree of digitalization of processes and the more detailed the database, the more agile, dynamic and competitive companies become.

We offer advanced Oracle solutions for process efficiency on a new level. Completely flexible for cloud or on-premises environments.

  • Oracle SOA Cloud or Oracle SOA Suite (On-Premises) for building a service-oriented architecture and process automation with BPEL
  • Oracle Process Cloud for process automation with BPMN 2.0
  • Oracle Integration Cloud for application integration (prefabricated adapters for standard applications), process automation and adaptive case management
  • Oracle IoT Cloud connection of sensors, actuators and cyber-physical systems via the Internet of Things to business processes and enterprise applications
For the digitization and automation of business processes, we at PROMATIS rely on the applications and technologies of our strategic partner Oracle. The bridge from business process modeling with Horus into the Oracle world is built by the Horus BPM Suite, in which the modeling tools are combined with the Oracle Process Cloud Service. Although on-premises products are still used for business process implementation in customer projects, many customers give priority to cloud solutions, especially in innovative digitization projects. With Oracle process and integration services from the Cloud, we create an adaptable and secure BPM platform that is open for the integration of cloud services and on-premise applications from different manufacturers through the use of standards. The result: seamlessly integrated digitized value chains.