Our actions are always geared toward implementing successful projects for a better, digitized future. In doing so, we always start at the core of sustainable business and growth: the company processes. It is not enough to optimize processes selectively - a holistic approach is required that puts all corporate processes to the test and examines their suitability for digitization.

Targeting Business Process Excellence

As a technology and innovation leader, we think through and master complex business processes and stand for feasible solutions based on intelligent software tools, tried-and-tested procedures and suitable business models. For individual process optimization and target-oriented automation, we combine our knowledge and skills for competent consulting, customized IT design, implementation-oriented project management and custom-fit development.

How we work

We consider agile business processes to be the key to efficiency and sustainable corporate success, because they act as the blueprint of the digital economy. This blueprint must be formulated in a generally understandable and easily communicable way, but it must also have enough inherent agility that it can be quickly and elastically adapted to changing market and environmental conditions at any time.

Thus, at the beginning of every PROMATIS project the appropriate models are created: Our business and IT experts develop business process models together with the customer, in which they define business processes, organizational structures, information objects and business rules. In the process, easy-to-understand graphical models enable a particularly efficient form of communication. Smart software tools support the documentation, analysis and simulation of the models and provide valuable starting points for process optimization. For selected industries and reference processes, PROMATIS provides highly scalable Best Practice models that have been proven in the field and are therefore particularly efficient to implement and use.

Global and networked thinking forms the foundation for successful entrepreneurial action at PROMATIS. This is not only reflected in the design of products and services that are in demand worldwide, but also in the intensive cooperation with our efficient partners.

Our corporate culture

We at PROMATIS are versatile: We are passionate project managers, developers, product owners or business consultants. We love progress, innovation and eagerly look forward to what tomorrow will bring.

But above all, we are united by a common goal: We want to bring technologies and people together and ensure that people benefit from technological progress and digital evolution. That's what we work on every day.

Our vision

Our business process and digitization solutions ensure a sustainable improvement in the quality of life.

Our mission

With professional consulting and innovative digitization solutions, we create excellent business processes: With professional consulting and innovative digitization solutions, we create excellent business processes: agile, demand-oriented and future-proof. We ensure sustainable quality and cost-efficiency through continuous improvement of the processes, products and service used.

Our values

Respect and fairness – We treat each other and our customers and partners with respect and fairness.
Authenticity – We act and communicate honestly, responsibly and transparently.
Governance – We always know what we do, why we do it and how we do it.
Curiosity with responsibility – We want to preserve our curiosity and implement new things responsibly.

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Our CEO introduces himself! He provides insights into the PROMATIS corporate culture and answers questions on key topics such as talent development. (Video in German)